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Water is a source of life, and sport is developed by body and spirit, salt water, in particular. Water and sport combined are the true source of joy for children and adults. A great variety of water sports offered by Riviera Kastela Rental anyone who is interested can find something for themselves. Sports are individual or group, and they can be professional or recreational. Water sports are popular because they are extremely healthy for the body, they activate all the muscles, and it is necessary to regulate breathing. The recent expansion that has been gained is proving the popularity of activities such as Windsurfing. Kayaking is a sport that is appealing to both recreational and professional When it comes to summing up, water sports are a great way to spend leisure on the beach in Kaštela, enjoy a healthy and useful activity, and you can spend time with people who mean a lot to you, like family and friends. In the breaks between SUP-Paddle boarding ,kayaking, cycling, pedal boating, If you like adrenaline at sea take surf board or rent our bikes and make Kastela bike tour to visit city. People have always loved water sports, but rarely did they want to go a step further and dive into a brand new world. Diving came about with the emergence of mankind, but today, thanks to technological advances, the fastest expanding world. Excursions underwater have become a pleasure, because the underwater world is astonishing, and the Croatian coast is an ideal area for exploration. As it lies on the karst, there are many reefs and underwater caves, and shipwrecks of the age of two thousand and two. With great water purity, Croatia is an ideal diving destination, as well as all other water pleasures.


Just call or go to Kastela Stafilic beach


Just call or go to Kastela Stafilic beach


Just call or go to Kastela Stafilic beach


Just call or go to Kastela Stafilic beach

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